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2017 • The Fourth Silk Road International Festival International Art Exhibition. (Chinese Version

The annual Silk Road International Festival is an international festival which is hosted by the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China and Shanxi Provincial People’s Government, and organized by the Department of Culture of Shaanxi Province. As an important part of the festival, the International Art Exhibition has been successfully held three times since 2014. The number of participation countries have increased significantly from around 10 to 81 since 2014, and there were 190 artists from 81 countries participating in the Third Silk Road International Art Exhibition in 2016. The exhibition is growing bigger and more international. The exhibition is an art platform for the contemporary international cultural exchanges. Through the exhibition, the world harmony philosophy is promoted, gaining recognitions and supports from artists all around the world. This also shows that the exhibition has an international vision, and it rediscovers the economy and culture values of the Silk Road, reproducing the culture and civilization in Shaanxi Silk Road. It highlights the contribution and the leading role of the Chinese culture in the arts of the Silk Road.

2017 The Fourth Silk Road International Festival International Art Exhibition has started call for entries globally.


    I. Exhibition Name

The Forth Silk Road International Festival International Art Exhibition
(Abbreviation: The Silk Road International Art Exhibition)


    II. Organization

Host: Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China, Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government

Organizer: Department of Culture of Shaanxi Province

Organizing Committee President: LIU Kuanren

Organizing Committee Vice-President:LU Xianglin、ZHAO Xiaoqiang、LIN Baogang

Art Director:WU Weishan

Chair of the academic Committee:LIN Baogang

Chief Curator: WEN Ji


III. Exhibition DatesExhibition VenueNumber of Exhibits


Exhibition Dates: September 7, 2017 - September 21, 2017
Exhibition Venue:Shaanxi Provincial Museum of Fine Arts, Xi’ an, Shaanxi, P. R. China
Deadline: March 30, 2017


  • IV. Exhibition Theme

Theme: Eternal Silk Road


  • V. Registration Information

    1. Each artist may submit image materials for no more than three artworks, and fill the formal application form clearly with all require information.
    2. Before March 30th in 2017, Filled forms and images should be sent to the Exhibition Organizing Committee e-mail(worldartleague@163.com) in one compressed file (File name: nation + full name)for the panel review. Otherwise, you will be disqualified, and no material will be returned. 
    Compressed file package includes:

    · Artist registration form
    · Color pictures of the artwork(Artwork images size A3,300dpi,JPG format)
    · Personal photos and national flag (For printing, the file should not less than 1MB)

    3. No registration fee or exhibition fee.  
    4. In early April 2017, the committee will evaluate all submitted artworks and the application results will be listed on the official website after the completion of the relative foreign affair procedures. Meanwhile, the committee will send out a confirmation letter to the accepted artists, clarifying responsibilities, rights, and obligations of both parties.  An invitation letter will be sent to the oversee selected artists.
    5. The following rights are reserved:  free show of selected works, free photograph and use of the photo.


VI. Requirements for Artists and Works

The exhibits of Silk Road International Art Exhibition are from all over the word, and they are representative works for influential artists globally.  The exhibition mainly includes paintings and sculptures.  With regards to the overseas sculpture, we only obtain the photo exhibition and do NOT accept the physical exhibition.  
1. The Silk Road International Art Exhibition calls for exhibits globally.
2. The works should be created within 5 years, paying attention to the aesthetic taste and artistic quality.  If works have been collected, the artist or the agent are responsible for communication with specific parties.   If the communication fails, resulting in unable exhibition, it will be deemed a waiver.  The artist could not change selected works. If needed, it must be approved by the committee, and the committee have the right to refuse the replacement application.
3. The size of Paintings should principally not be larger than 78cm × 78cm, no less than 50cm×50cm; the largest side of sculptures principally should not be more than 1m. With regards to the overseas sculpture, we only obtain the photo exhibition and do NOT accept the physical exhibition. Generally, not fade, no deformation, firm texture.  Other forms of works will be considered case by case, and the exhibits should adapt to the operability of the exhibition venue. If you have special requirements, please contact the organizing committee before August 2016.
4. The organizing Committee has the right to refuse exhibits which are different from the application form, oversized, noisy, moldy, emitting harmful gases, leakage, unable to transport, or the original works are considered to be harmful to the audience and exhibition venues.
5. Once the selected works are found to be have historical sensitive issues, the organizer has the right to immediately cancel the qualifications of the exhibition, publishing, and others at any time.  Interpretation rights are reserved to the committee.


VII. Exhibits Framing, Packaging, Transport and Insurance

1. The organizing committee will pay for the transport fee of the exhibits. (The artist must afford any additional delivery packaging cost or the cost caused by the artist who does not delivery the in the accordance with the requirements.)
2. Paintings will be framed by the committee; Special requirements of sculptures should inform the committee in advance.  Other exhibits will be considered separately.
3. The insurance of the selected works for the transport will be organized by the committee.
4. Unselected works will not be accepted by the committee, and all potential fees should be paid by the artist.
5. If damages for all exhibits, including special work, are caused by poor packaging, own unstable or weak breakage, loss, distortion, and other changes, or transportation process during transport, the Organizing committee will notify the authors, but does not assume any responsibility.
6. The committee will be responsible for returning exhibits.  If the selected works are not transported by the designated carrier, the committee will not return the exhibit.  If returning is required, please contact the committee before August 1, 2016.


VIII. Collection of artworks and propaganda material

1 .Collection of artworks:Printed in color, all of the artworks, the brief introductions of author, artworks instructions, nationality and so on.  Each participant can be received one.
2. Color posters
3. Invitations of the opening ceremony and seminars.


Ⅸ. Artwork Donation

The Organizing Committee will accept the free donation. If the artist donates the works voluntarily, please mark and sign on the last column of the registration form. The donation must be the original artwork. The organizing committee will issue a collection certificate to the author. Donated works will be on exhibition in the special section (donation part) of Silk Road International Art Exhibition annually.  In the future, the organizing committee may hold a special exhibition for the donations.


.  The Certificate

The Organizing Committee will issue the certificate of selection and the collection certificate to the artist who has donated their artworks.


IX.  Forum

During the exhibition, one day will be chosen between 8 September and 11 September to hold the Silk Road International Art Forum.
1. Invite representative artists, critics and scholars to attend.
2. The topics will be relative to the theme, but the specific contents will be confirmed.  Publish relative journals (prepared papers are welcomed)
3. The selected artists should replay to the committee before July 15, 2017 in order to ensure the main speaker and other people coming to Xi’ an.  


 X. Recipient's Address

Address: Fifth Floor Conference Room, Ye Yuan Hotel, 13 Yanta Road, Xi’ an, Shaanxi, P. R. China
Contact Person: SHI Lulu
Telephone No.:   029-82205431
E-mail: worldartleague@163.com
Official Website: http://www.worldartleague.org/


Silk Road International Festival International Art Exhibition Organizing Committee